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    Empowering Energy Poor Citizens through Joint Energy Initiatives Organizatorius: Covenant of Mayor office

    This event aims to share the approach and tools from the POWERPOOR project and provide information on the energy poverty policy framework in Europe. Join us to discuss with representatives of th...

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    Citizen's Energy Forum Organizatorius: Other

    The European Commission is organising the 2021 edition of the Citizen’s energy forum as a virtual event, in the framework of the Conference o...

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    Building more resilient and sustainable forests Organizatorius: Covenant of Mayor office

    In recent years, increasingly intense wildfires have devastated regions across Europe and the world. Greece, Turkey, Italy and Portugal are some examples severely hit in recent years. In additio...

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    Energy Sufficiency: How to shape sustainable behaviours Organizatorius: Covenant of Mayor office

    Although still largely unknown at the European level, the concept of energy sufficiency can help local communities reach their climate and energy objectives. Energy sufficiency is first and fore...

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