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  • Vasaris
    Decarb Cities Conference Organizatorius: Other

    An increasing share of humans live in cities. This trend requires no-pollution solutions to maintain local air quality, reduce the effect of heat islands and provide the fair share of cities in ...

  • Vasaris
    Webinar: How can decision-makers create a favorable legal context for their islands? Organizatorius: Covenant of Mayor office

    The EU Clean Energy Package published in 2019 provides a number of interesting opportunities for local communities – including islands – to take ownership of their energy ...

  • Vasaris
    WinWind Conference: Socially-Inclusive Wind Energy across Europe Organizatorius: Other Achieving a Win-Win(d): Socially-Inclusive Wind Energy across Europe

    27-28 Febru...

  • kovo
    World Sustainable Energy Days Organizatorius: Other

    The clean energy transition is taking on a new dynamic in Europe and worldwide. "Energy efficiency first" and "global leadership in renewables" are at the centre of this transformation pro...

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