• 19 Jun 2019

    Adaptation to climate change: An "Urban Map Viewer" to show European cities' needs and actions

    The aim of the Urban Adaptation Map Viewer, developed by Climate-ADAPT, a partnership between the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA), is to provide an overview of the current and future climate hazards faced by European cities.

    The map viewer collates information from various sources on the observed and projected spatial distribution and intensity of high temperatures, flooding, water scarcity and wild fires. It also provides some information on the causes of cities’ vulnerability and exposure to these hazards, linked to the characteristics of cities and their population.

    Finally, the map viewer provides information on adaptation planning and actions undertaken by cities.

    The information contained in the maps, combined with the Urban Audit city factsheets allows to gain understanding about the current and projected climate impacts in Europe. It is also allow to compare individual cities to one another, and to identify cities in similar situations, creating an opportunity for good practices exchange and cooperation.

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    On this screenshot of the tool, one is able to get information on the specifities of the vulnerabilty of the city of Ajaccio (France) to Water scarcity, but also to study the regional context of such vulnerability. It also shows that additional sources of information, illustrative case studies and relevant indicators are suggested to easily gather more resources to plan on adaptation.

    The underlying datasets and metadata used to create the maps can be viewed here.

    Members of the Covenant of Mayors Community can also get assistance related to adaptation actions through the "Adaptation Resources" section of our website.