• 07 Nov 2019

    Barriers and drivers to urban climate change actions - Take part in a research study!

    Recent studies suggest the setting of climate targets can be an important driver of policy action. Yet, we still know too little about the ways in which cities move from identifying problems to setting of climate targets and implementation of climate actions.

    To help gain a better understanding of barriers to and drivers behind urban climate change action as well as key actors and strategies that contribute to the implementation of climate change objectives, the University of Hull (UK) and the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office have designed an online survey that addresses Covenant signatories.

    The survey seeks to collect information on objectives, contexts and actors involved in cities that have signed the Covenant of Mayors and hence committed to taking actions in response to climate change. The findings from the survey will inform more in-depth studies of selected cities to better understand who is central to the success (or lack thereof) of climate change actions including the role of city networks, the reasons for cities to take actions, and the different ways in which climate change actions are incorporated into city administrations and other urban institutions.

    Please consider filling out the survey to contribute to a better understanding of urban climate change action!

    The survey consists of 20 questions and should take you approximately 10-15 minutes to fill out.

    The survey is available in English, Portuguese, Italian, French and German.

     photo by H.Emre from Pexels